The Beamers

Amsterdam-based band The Beamers draw you to the dancefloor with high-spirited songs with a tiny dark edge. Sometimes pulled together by a catchy sequence from Renno's Apple all-mighty, sometimes driven by his vintage drumpads, The Beamers always integrate real live elements and improvisation in their dancetrax.

With Misha on the vocals, who will always manage to give each song a special twist. If he isn't adding some guitar-licks or Edirol-tricks, that is.

And then there's Ed, the human loop, who doesn't mind playing basslines 'til the end of time as long as it adds to the song. Sometimes, he ends up slightly out of phase, which makes it just the merrier.

All three add up to what becomes the Beamer-sound, which in the end is beyond description. Just let their illuminous grin put you in a spin!

The Beamers are:
Renno Koelman – drums, sequences, percussion, keyboard
Misha Radsma – vocals, guitar, keyboard
Edwin Raap – bass, guitar, keyboard

The Beamers like LCD Soundsystem, The Kinks, Chilly Gonzales, Plastikman etc.